Far from home……

He’s back. The poster boy of Marvel is here for another adventure. But does he really want it?

Spiderman: Far from home takes place in the aftermath of Endgame where humanity is euloging those that gave their lives to bring back half of all life. As Peter & his pals prepare for a school trip to Europe, their vacation is hijacked by Nick Fury who commands him to fight the Elementals with the help of interdimensional warrior, Mysterio.

This action-packed sequel is an exploration of Peter’s grief & moving on in a post-Endgame world. Coming to grips with the death of Tony Stark, he craves for normalcy. He is drained & desparately in need of a break, which he hopes to get in a form of school trip to Europe. He wants to confess his love to MJ, to move forward as friendly neighbourhood Spiderman rather than being the next Iron Man i.e. superhero on a global scale. But fate has other plans. Fury forces him to work with Beck, to step up as an Avenger. He is like an authoritarian boss who wants his employees working even when they are on leave. Director Jon Watts creates a school-trip comedy as the framing story for a much higher concept superhero tale.

Let’s talk about Quentin Beck, shall we? Played by enigmatic Jake Gyllenhaal, it seems like he’s a hero. But this proved to be a huge red herring, as he turns out to be an illusionist & con-man with a hatred for his now deceased boss Tony Stark. He elaborately creates illusions to fool people into thinking he’s the hero in this story. Mysterio’s mirages result in some of strongest action scenes including a spellbinding sequence in which he plunges Peter into ever-shifting illusion (reminds me of Infinite Tsukoyomi in Naruto) where Spider-Man is blocked around a space with indefinite parameters. This scene embraces the limitless possibilities of comic-book action. Like Batman, Spider-Man has one of the best rogues gallery in all of comic-book history & Mysterio is no such exception.

It is quite evident that Far From Home’s driving principle is to reposition the MCU around Peter Parker. Will he be the next Tony Stark? Well, who has seen the future yet…..But how ironic it is when Peter’s arc circles back to the first Iron Man film in the end.

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